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The Solar System.

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The Solar System.

Post by Charlotte Jäger on Sun Nov 23, 2014 10:25 pm

The sun of the system, an orange dwarf similar to Earths with differences in size and weight while still producing enough light for everyone. Its closest celestial body Merkarva, sits ridiculously close to the Suns body clearing way catching some of the asteroids that fall into the Suns pull.

The first planet in the system it’s scorched desert as it sits extremely close to the Sun being blasted completely by its light to a crisp. The desert is tidally locked to the Suns rotation with a year of 2.531 days, only one side ever showing its face to the heat. The other side however is completely snowed over and is home to some mercury lakes and rock formations of Iron and Nickel. While the dangerous barren land of the heat is home to small pockets of Francium which has developed there and is a pricy material to the other planets military’s if they somehow get their hands on it.

The furtherst out planet in the system. It's a large gas giant with a composition of argon and hydrogen, and is quite a site with its temperamental twisting pattern and a huge red spot similar in shape to Jupiter's but twice the size. The planet is reasonably warm for it being so far away, due to a strange Greenhouse affect, causing it and it's largest moon to be a quite comfortable temp. Gas mining is quite a popular activity among Government and freelance miners trying to earn a buck or two.

The great moon of Gorte'Incere. It orbits the large gas giant which has an orbit period of 4.501 years for one rotation of the sun. An interesting thing about this planet is that once every week. Gorte'Incere moves infront of the line of sight of the sun, completely blacking out the planet. Literally causing one giant night for the side facing the sun. It lasts roughly 6 hours for it to finish and then you're on your merry way again. Due to this, it has been quite a tourist attraction to some curious people and certain astronomers. Another point to remember is the south and northern poles of the planet are an arid type of terrain, while the equator is more temperate and similar to a jungle/woodland biome. As well as that, some of the planet isn't exactly the nicest place either though. It has a huge Cyclone which curves around the planets sourthern equator causing all sorts of havoc.

One of the inhabited planets in this system. It's considered the central point of colonization and where you'll most of what you need. It has a neat little atmosphere capable of sustaining life and has a temperate little temperature sustaining a more tropical, dense jungle environment pocketed with small land islands of rocky terrain where you'll either find new resources or government mining facilities exploiting the beauty of the world.

The capital planet of the TOPHRE faction. It's quite a cold place with a large percentage of the surface covered in snow. But the surface, whatever not covered in the winter waste, is cold, humid and wet with cool semi-arid grasslands covering the landscape separated with rocky structures and enormous tree's watching over and casting long shadows on the landscape and freezing seas. The planet is surrounded by thin rings of rock with a purple hint from the light of the atmosphere.

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