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Sun Nov 23, 2014 10:49 pm by Keros

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General Rules

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General Rules

Post by Keros on Sun Nov 23, 2014 10:49 pm

1.) Posting order- Respect posting order by letting anyone on the current topic post before you post yet again. (There will be lenience depending on context; basically don't hog the thread.)

2.) Death- After your character has been dead for 10 (IRL) days without revival it becomes impossible to revive said character.

3.) Courtesy- While in CB or in topic please be respectful to others and keep foul language to a minimum, If there are problems contact a Mod/and or an Admin.

4.) Spam- Spam in CB and/or in Topic is not tolerated

5.) Godmodding- When someone autohits or auto dodges it is considered Godmodding and can be voided.

6.) Postbombing- Postbombing is when somebody blatantly ignoring what is happening in the topic, You'll be asked to take down your post if any moderator is contacted for the disruption of topic "flow".

7.) Staff- Any staff member has authority in CB and or when an argument sparks. BUT If a regular member has an argument against a moderator PM an admin and said admin will interject. If an admin induces an executive action that a member is unhappy and can give sufficient evidence and a valid argument PM another admin, said admin will call a conversation and will come to a REASONABLE compromise.

8.) Approved Characters- Do not join the RP until you have had your character approved, or else your posts will be removed and you will be warned. Repeated offense will lead to banning. Only Admins may approve things, so don't comment on them unless you are an admin.

9.) Appropriate content A- Any and all Pornographic detail is to be handled somewhere away from the site and is to not be referenced at all or there will be penalty strikes, the first being A temporary ban for a day, the second is complete banning of person and Character deletion.

9.) Appropriate content B- In RP nudity is acceptable as long as it is within the characters personality or adds to the story and isn't used in vulgar sexual manner outside of a private thread, and the mannerisms to describe it are reasonably vague and/or tame.

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