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Weapon Types and Template

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Weapon Types and Template

Post by Charlotte Jäger on Sat Apr 11, 2015 11:38 pm

The weapons variants open are-

-Projectile Firearms (No handheld laser or Plasma weapons of any sort)
-Plasma cutters or tools (Not really a weapon, but good to display for your character type)
-Throwing knives
-Swords, Daggers, Knives in general
-Explosives (Within reason; Such as small explosive radius or specific blast angle)

The two types of weapons are:
-Offensive: Used mainly for damaging the opponent.
-Supplementary: Used as a ‘supplement’ of type to support another weapon if needed.

The three weapon classes are:
-A: Your main weapon.
-B: Your secondary weapons. These are used when your main weapon is ineffective.
-C: Your last hope, generally supplementary.

(Use this as a basic guide or template. And remember, once you're finished making it don't leave the template behind)

Name of Weapon:
Type (Offensive or Supplementary):
Weapon Class (A, B, or C):
Charlotte Jäger
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